The Ultimate Aurora Disco Roadshow

The Ultimate Aurora Disco Roadshow

This is the ultimate in disco entertainment, the way to really impress your friends or customers. The light show is the ultimate in the latest technology with lighting effects like lasers smoke and or snow machines, Bubbles, Moving Message Ball and other special effects.

There is a minimum of 16 lighting effects and lighting giving a frontage of up to 6 metres but can be adapted to suit the venue or occasion.

The sound system can also be adapted to suit up to 3k output and are of the highest quality. Also at least 90% of the music will be viewed on 2 metre Projector Screens. We now offer Projection and Multimedia services to enhance wedding discos, parties, conferences and promotions.

Aurora Disco can provide a projector with large screen to produce a top quality display for your event.

For weddings, we can create a presentation/slideshow of those photographs for the big screen so your guests can catch up on what they missed during the day! if you can provide us with a CD/DVD with the images on that you want projected (stag night, childhood, family pictures etc).

For birthdays/anniversaries, why not provide us with those embarrassing photos of the person celebrating. Baby photos, dodgy hair styles, when they were "young" a full slide show of your images that can be displayed for all to enjoy.

We can also include your video DVD in the presentations. Please ring me on 023 92598885 for more details.